How to Choose a Good Italian Bistro

What to consider when choosing an excellent Italian bistro? There are several things you need to think about to make the best choice. Here are a few things you might want to consider the next time you decide you want to visit an Italian bistro.


  • Location: Most people want somewhere close by. Perhaps somewhere they can easily walk to and from, particularly if you are planning to be imbibing along with your meal.
  • Ambiance: There are always options for how a good Italian bistro will “feel” to you. Some are lively and spirited, more family-oriented places, while others may be quiet and romantic.
  • Value for your money: Most people need to consider the cost of dining out as part of their choice. There are many moderately priced Italian bistros to choose from, just as there are more expensive options should you be in a position to spend the extra funds.
  • Service: Service should be a critical consideration since it can make or break an experience almost as much as the actual meal. To some people, it doesn’t matter if the food is the best you have ever had if the service is the worst.
  • Cleanliness: Nothing ruins an experience as much as food poisoning. This should be reasonably easy to avoid since all restaurants need to be regularly inspected, and must post their certificate for easy viewing, so you know they are considered a “clean” establishment.
  • Cuisine: The number one consideration, since this is the main reason you are here. You want somewhere that is going to provide you with a fresh, delicious and, hopefully, amazing culinary experience.
  • Chef: Should you be looking to make an impression, choosing a place with a highly ranked chef may be a consideration.

Whether you use the internet for options or recommendations from friends, there are many great Italian bistros to choose from.