What Kind of Businesses Could Use Italian Bistro Catering?

Virtually any business could use Italian bistro catering from time-to-time. Every business should look closely at this type of service to see if it can benefit them.

Who can Use Bistro Catering Services

Even online casinos such as www.7sultan.com have staff who they hold meetings, or other events, with, where they would enjoy catering by an Italian bistro. Here are some other kinds of businesses that could use Italian bistro catering.


Marketing companies hold various types of events, from client dinners to discussion group refreshments. Having an Italian bistro cater to either of these types of events allows for either an elaborate Italian meal or finger foods, such as pizza.

Italian Food Suppliers

Companies that supply products to Italian bistros could have an existing customer cater to a meeting with a prospective client to showcase the items they are trying to sell.

Sports Clubs

Whether an amateur or professional club, there are always fundraisers and awards banquets that could use an Italian bistro for catering. Whether it is a plated, sit-down meal, or finger foods such as pizza, an Italian bistro could be just the thing.


More often than not, big corporations hold their major events off-site, where they contract full-service catering. Although this type of event could be catered by an Italian bistro, that is generally not likely. When it comes to big corporations, events such as department meetings, working late and employee appreciation lunches are a much more common occurrence for using catering by an Italian eatery.

Party Planners

Businesses that specialize in planning your perfect event could use an Italian bistro for their catering needs if that is the theme their client has chosen.

Since virtually any kind of business could use Italian bistro catering, it all boils down to how much you and your event attendees enjoy delicious Italian food.