What Kind of Events Could an Italian Bistro Cater For?

There are many different types of events that require the services of a caterer. These can be large-scale events, such as weddings, or smaller scale like baby showers or birthday parties. Many restaurants also offer catering services, along with their usual dining experience. This includes Italian bistros. Depending on the Italian bistro you choose, here are some of the services they will provide.

On-Site Events

Larger bistros may have separate rooms available to host your event. They would provide the tables and seating, linens, dishes and cutlery, servers, and food. Smaller bistros may close the restaurant for your “private event.”

Off-Site Events

The main difference here is that the bistro would not be providing the location. However, depending on what the event site allows, the bistro could still provide the linens, dishes and cutlery, service and food. However, your venue may require that you use some of their services, in which case the bistro may only provide the food.

Private Parties

When hosting a private event, such as a birthday party or baby shower, you may find it easier to have your favourite Italian bistro cater to it. In this case, you would still have the option of having them supply everything; the linens, dishes, and their delicious food. Or they could provide an amazing feast, but no other options.

Menu Options

Not all Italian bistros are equipped to provide the entire array of catering services. Still, most will provide any of the delicious options from their menu as catering choices for your event. You will be able to choose something as elaborate as full meals or as simple as appetizers and desserts. You can customize it any way you choose.

End Result

In the end, you will have delicious Italian food at virtually any event you choose, from your favourite Italian bistro.