Great Italian Desserts for a Business Event

Business events can be a hassle when trying to decide on what food or desserts to have, that will appeal to all employees or guests attending the occasion.

Most of the Italian desserts are not a crazy kind of sweet. The majority of them are simple and very enjoyable to eat. Here are some great Italian dessert options to consider having at a business event.

Italian desserts are a great choice to follow any one of the beautiful dishes that can be found at a quality Italian bistro.


This is a very unique Italian pastry that is filled with ricotta, made with thinly rolled pasta dough as a different option, rather than just regular puff pastry. The shell is very much like a croissant and is crunchy but not overly; it’s just sturdy enough to be able to hold all the wonderful filling in.


This is a very well known Italian dish, but most people have yet ever to try one and are missing out on the amazing texture and taste of this delicious dessert. A pastry shell made crispy dough with candied fruit, and chocolate, and who could forget about the ricotta whipped to perfection?

Classic Tiramisu

This is a combination dessert dish of ladyfinger sponge layers laced with coffee syrup infused with rum, thinly sliced chocolate and mascarpone cream cheese. This tiramisu provides a delightful fluffy yet rich taste and will leave you wanting more.

Pineapple Semifreddo

This is another classic Italian dessert which is made with whipped cream fluffed to perfection paired with pineapples crushed down to add some delicious sweetness. It is finally topped with amaretti cookies that are crumbled to give it a nice crunchy texture.

These very popular Italian desserts are great to serve your employees or guests on any occasion, especially a business event. Very classy looking desserts but absolutely delicious, leaving you wanting more.