Great Italian Desserts for a Casino Party

Desserts are never something you could go wrong with, especially when they are Italian, as their flavours will never leave you disappointed. Some of the best desserts out there are, in fact, Italian. Here are some very popular and delicious Italian desserts that would be great at a casino party.

Espresso Martini Tiramisu

Tiramisu is something you could never go wrong with, especially this one if you are a big coffee lover. This absolutely delightful Martini tiramisu is made with espresso, of course, paired with mascarpone, double cream, savoiardi sponge fingers, dark chocolate, cocoa powder and finally, some vodka and Kahlua.

Chocolate and Hazelnut Meringue Semifreddo

This Italian dessert has a mousse-like ice cream texture made up of egg whites, Frangelico, Nutella, caster sugar, hazelnuts, dark chocolate, meringues and double cream. This dessert will give your sweet tooth a run for its money.

Coffee Cake with Cappuccino Buttercream

This dessert is a great natural finger food that would be lovely with a nice hot cup of fresh coffee. This dessert is a favourite amongst Americans but has a tremendous Italian twist put into it. This nut-free recipe includes an incredible cappuccino buttercream. It has a cake texture that is exceptionally soft to the touch.

Almond and Amalfi Lemon Cake

This Italian dessert is for all those lemon cake lovers out there. It has a beautiful lemon taste that is sweeter than your average lemon cake and is accompanied by delicious tasting almonds mixed with creme fraiche, giving you a magical flavour in your mouth, leaving your taste buds in awe.

These are just a few of the wonderful Italian desserts offered. Still, by far, these suggestions will undoubtedly not disappoint anyone who tries one. There is a great variety; let your taste buds explore many different deliciously tasty Italian desserts.