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It started as an idea, then it became a dream and now it’s a reality.

seble_web_img_443342Seble was the ED (Executive Director) of her Home for the last 11 years. As she was doing her 80+ hour week job of raising her 3 beautiful girls, she found it challenging to find time to exercise, drink her coffee hot, or really stay engaged in a conversation with her peers without being interrupted.

So she thought “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place where people can come together and feel at home and have all the amenities of an urban bistro & local hangout in one spot.”

Seble dreamed up of opening a “Tiramisu-Lift Me Up!” Bistro. She told the idea to her long time friend, who helped start this adventure.  And so began on this life adventure of bringing “ a lift me up” experience through the restaurant.

In 2013, due to flooding on 124 st, Tiramisu and many other local businesses were forced to close for repairs. The new & improved Tiramisu has been open for several months now, featuring a bright new look and a fresh menu!




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