What Private Functions Could Use Italian Bistro Catering?

It has become the trend to have food catered into private functions instead of the host having to prepare it all themselves. There are a good number of private functions where having food provided by an Italian bistro would be ideal. The following are some examples.

Birthday Parties

Food from an Italian bistro would be most fitting for a birthday party for any age group. What child doesn’t like spaghetti, and for adults, the lasagne would be a wonderful choice. It would certainly be different from the traditional foods that are served at these types of events, which are usually hot dogs for the kids and finger foods for the adults.

Dinner Parties

Dinner parties can range in size from small to large. It isn’t straightforward for the host and hostess to be able to prepare a meal and enjoy the company. When they have food catered, it is much more pleasant. Almost anything that is found on an Italian bistro menu would be appropriate for a dinner party of any size.


Some people tend to think that Italian cuisine is only suited for the main meal of the day, which is dinner. However, there are some lighter choices of meals that would fit perfectly as a lunch option. A lot of the bistros now serve vegetarian dishes. For the luncheon, just focusing on the appetizers may be all that is needed to keep the guests happy.


Anniversary gatherings can be quite large and feeding the crowd with any number of Italian dishes will be a perfect choice. It can be the traditional Italian meals or perhaps something new that the guests have not tried before. Having a mix of both would be ideal.

It is just a matter of choosing an excellent Italian bistro that can cater to any size crowd.